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Pre-Mixed Rhodium Baths You will use this ready-to-use solution to start a new rhodium plating bath. Everything you need is already contained in each bottle for you. Just pour the rhodium into a beaker or tank and you are ready to start plating. Superbrite™ rhodium produces a brilliant bright white finish that will amaze you. The results are a tarnish-resistant plating that will add shimmering elegance to all your fine jewelry. The bath solutions are used at room temperature to avoid fumes in the workplace and aid in evaporation due to heating conventional rhodium baths. You can plate rhodium directly over gold, platinum, palladium and nickel. When plating over silver or base metals, it is best to have a pre-plate of nickel or palladium first. The baths have anti-burn technology which allows you to plate at various voltages for longer periods of time without burning your pieces. Plate at 4 volts, room temperature, platinized titanium anode. Specialty baths are extremely concentrated so you do not need to plate as long. Plate at a lower voltage for less time.

Available in the following sizes:

1/2 Pint Bottles ....... 1/2 gram
Pint Bottles ............. 1 gram
Quart Bottles ........... 2 grams

Specialty Baths

Pint bottles ......... 2 gram, 2-1/2 gram, 4 gram
Quart bottles ....... 2-1/2 gram, 4 gram

UPS Shippable Kits

1/2 pint kit
1 gram pint kit
2 gram quart kit

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